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A&P License 2 Week Course Texas

Acing your FAA Certification Test is the fastest way to make more money as an airplane mechanic, and this course will show you how to achieve it.

Instead of spending several years as an apprentice, you can go right into the programe and receive your FAA certification. You can start applying for aircraft mechanic jobs after completing our course.

What You’ll Get When You Enroll

This program will help you gain knowledge, develop skills, and cultivate a safe and caring attitude. The majority of your learning will take place in a hands-on environment. You will also receive

Step-by-step Methods

You will learn a step-by-step proven approach for passing the FAA’s three written exams i.e. Airframe, General & Powerplant

Three Hardcopy guides

Three hardcopy test guide books are yours to keep for free.

Career growth

Your heavy tool experience, combined with understanding my systematic tools, will propel your profession to new heights.

24/7 on-demand access

Throughout the course, you will have remote online access from anywhere in the world.

Increased Income

Pay yourself what you’re worth for your efforts on those incredible flying machines. Our course will help you increase your earnings by fostering you with more skills.

Why Choose AV8R School A&P License 2 Week Speed Learning Platform in Texas?

Because ONLY with AV8R School Can You Gaurantee You'll Pass Your A&P Test

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Win $1000 dollars in CASH?

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Meet Your Instructor

Nestor Cadena

My name is Nestor Cadena and I’ve developed AV8R school to be a simple and efficient way to help you achieve your goal of obtaining your FAA A&P Certificate.

It’s like I already know you my friend, because I started where you are. I used to fix planes in the military, I was an F15 Strike Eagle Crew Chief in the US Air Force. When I got out I looked for a way to increase my knowledge and improve my career.
I didn’t know what I wanted to do, if I wanted to work in general, commercial, or corporate aviation, but I did know that getting my certificate was critical for me to get paid what I was worth.
After helping countless people get their certification successfully, I decided to put it all on video. So, I’m not only your guide in this course, I’m your biggest supporter. Once again, I’d like to congratulate you on making a decision to sign up for this course and welcome you to AV8R school.

A&P License 2 Week Speed Learning Course Texas

Complete The Course In 2 Weeks Pass Your A&P Test Within 30 Days

Get The Highest Scores In Your 10 Student Group

You Win $1000 CASH...

It's Really That Simple

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Don’t waste your time and money on courses that require you to register and then leave you to study on your own. Don’t spend tens of thousands of dollars on a training program where you won’t receive individualized attention.

Don’t waste your time and money in courses that make you sign up and then just leave you to self-study.

Don’t pay thousands of dollars for instruction programs where you won’t  get personalized attention.

Our course will give you what you need for a fraction of the cost, in the privacy of your own home.

I’m so confident that this course will deliever results for you…

If your expectations are not met by the end of the course and within 30 days, you will be eligible for a full refund. Sign up anytime, easily cancel anytime – you have the control.

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